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An expression of individualism, interdependence, ideas, and vantage points.
Explore, think, redefine and challenge...

Discover the Subconscious of Joe Cooke Artist in Ottawa, ON

The work on this website represents the artist, Joe Cooke. Joe and this website are about achievement of identity, and ultimately of relationships, through self-expression. The understanding of identity empowers relationships, allows meaning. This is the driving force behind the paintings.

It seems as though the paintings paint themselves. The painter begins with a structure, or with a colour, or with some yang action. The subconscious takes over at some point in time, and instructs the painter. (This might be even before the painter sits at the paper or canvas.) The subconscious drives every aspect of the painting, including what is done with structure, colours, texture, and media. Each painting has a life of its own. And each painting knows when it is done. Absence of this knowledge implies incompleteness.

The cycle completes itself when the viewer communicates the meaning back to the painter. The viewer sees the image from the subconscious and presents his or her observations back to the painter. For Joe, this increase in awareness is like cool water to a plant and fulfills the initial drive. Contact Joe Cooke an artist in Ottawa, ON.

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