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About Joe Cooke: Creator of Abstract Paintings in Ottawa, ON

Joe Cooke Art is about communication. As a creator of abstract painting in Ottawa, ON, Joe dedicates his craft to producing work that inspires, challenges, and rewards viewers. He invites you to view his work and discover a painting that speaks to you. Learn more about his process and the characteristics of his portfolio. 

The body of Joe’s work is driven by the subconscious mind. Often, the subconscious feels like an immaterial entity, yet always able to exert its will on the self. The pieces that Joe creates make a connection between the image and this unconscious mind, where viewers are invited to engage in a dialogue with the piece. 

His process involves a singular component--whether it is an errant brush stroke, a specific colour, or the idea of a structure--and it grows from there. Over time, a sense of composition begins to take shape, while the painter’s mind and body are in constant conversation with one another. While the Mind may suggest placing elements of the piece in one way, the painter’s Body may react differently. The result is a real-time conversation between two distinct entities, setting the stage for a unique image. 

Eventually, the complete piece takes shape. It is the unconscious mind brought into existence. An intriguing characteristic of real art painting is that it engages the senses through visual imagery. The vivid brush strokes give way to distinct textures that evoke movement and urgency. Meanwhile, colours interact, overtake one another, and coalesce into a sense of unity. Lines give way to the suggestion of people or objects, prompting viewers to recognize the existence of what they see on the canvas. 

Enjoying art is just as much a creative endeavour as bringing it into existence. Joe creates the majority of his pieces with viewers in mind. Everyone is unique--and everyone has the power to relay their subconscious mind onto the media that engages them. Each individual who sees Joe’s paintings is encouraged to tell the artist what they see--and continue the perpetually sustaining cycle that drives the artistic spirit. 

If you are interested in joining this expansive dialogue, Joe Cooke is available for art commissions. He also has an online shop featuring some of his best real art paintings, where you may order from the studio directly. 

Contact Joe to learn more about his process or to commission a painting. Joe Cooke Art is based in Ottawa, ON.